Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before I set on...

Before I set on
To another journey long,
Wish I could have made a piece
With reeds of notes at fingertips,
Wish could have strummed the string
And hummed a few last lines
That could have burst waterlilies
with hues of extraordinary shine,

Before I embark on
Another journey might be long,
Wish could have blown the air
Through the pipe like a piper true
Wish could have taken a few
Grains of moments as honeydew,
Wish could have rested legs on the bow
and made the wind to take the oars,
Wish could have consecrated a tune
To the leftaway golden shore,
Wish could have gazed at ease
How through space life flows by,
Wish could have sung a song
To the earth, the sea and the sky.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lilacs in the sun

Get me where lilacs bloom
Aplenty like a deluge,
in the sun where they turn
The world a canvas huge,

Get me where lilacs bloom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

that street,

that street
Where we some lightyears hence
Caught up and did meet
Had gone through
A transformation,

No longer is there
That old baker shop
Where you used to turn up
With your cane basket
loaves you used to buy
And listless I
Had my time of keeping you
In my eyes,

No longer is that old theatre
We once had a chance
To savour the evening air
Standing at its stairs
Climbing up that derelict shape
We had an evening to reflect
Upon the glimmer of the town,
Passing cars and their glowing headlights,
And those distant chimneys
which stood like poles straight
almost holding little stars upon their tapered tips,
And the vast expanse of fields
Having shadows of our runs and plays,
Our games of hide and seek,

You had a fear of heights
You would clutch my shirt,
My arms, you had gripped tight,

No longer they are there,

But the street had remained
Somehow it had managed to stay
Despite bulldozers had plundered away
the days and the nights had been made glitzy,

The street had remained .

Thursday, June 19, 2014

on such a cloudy day...

on such a cloudy day
if I canst sing for You
what am I supposed to do?

when the moist breeze
has swept the streets
and from heaven whence
it has drizzled like a love laden sense
on my soul,Your providence,
how can I sit like a stone?
how can I bear this sweetness all alone?

let me sing a song befitting your piety-
the song that could float miles and miles across
till it reaches Your shores,
let me sing that tune harmonious
filled with essence of rain drenched flowers,
let me put at Your doorstep
blooming words that from me escape
spontaneous,unhindered and unchained-
much like a song of shravana and tumultous rains,

on such a cloudy day
let me my poems lay
for You, with reverence.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

come rain,

come rain, not as a mere teaser
come in full flow, like a breezer
lashing cool with impestous thrust
come rain, opening clouds like a burst,

come rain, wet me down
come like Menead fierce and tearing
come to give respite from Aestas's frown.

Friday, June 13, 2014

you took me to places

You took me to faraway lands
and to the greenish blue waves of the sea,
and to those alleys of unknown town
where pigeons play on roofs till sundown,
and to that corner of a square
people at evening where gather
to sit on benches and on fountain fringe,
talking and singing and having a binge,
and to that alehouse at an obscure port
where ambrosia wets sailors' throat
making them break into songs at night
of voyages to stormy seas and phosphorus light,

you took me to places sure,
to those lands where clouds
descend thick and pure,
a curtain like that of a mist,
moist like someone's sweet sweet lips,
at one moment a valley of flowers you made,
and at another, sketches of trees drenched in shower you laid,

you took me to the lands
where words my dreams keep
you made me to gape in wonder
the horizon's panoramic perspective-
golden blue and crimson light where shine
you took me to fill pages of my mind.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

come, take a seat under the sky

come, take a seat under the sky
little stars where twinkle bright,
and write an idyllic poem
singing glories to God and men,

wrap the evening with melody soft
which only from heaven could've dropped
full of poesy, much like an enchantress
come, like Thalia's wonderous grace,

Fill the mortal eyes with vision
sublime and sweet like  magical potion,
that can make the whole world sing
to rise to find newer meaning
in life which is  too shortlived,
come, under the sky take a seat,

And take onto heart the sprite
That makes the nebula ignite,
And with rhythm binds the space
Come, under the sky take a rest.